Can you afford the time that perfection requires?

Will you ever be completely satisfied that your thing is 100% perfect and couldn’t possible be any better?

If so, you might as well piss off now, because your kidding yourself.

We should all strive for perfection. But don’t be a slave to it. You’ll burn yourself out. Or produce nothing.

Take this website, for instance.

It’s not perfect. It might not even be brilliant. But it’s published. I’m writing. Maybe not the most expertly crafted prose or poetry. But it’s published.

I have battled with perfectionism for some time. I refused to celebrate my 30th birthday (a few years ago now) because I didn’t feel I had achieved what I should have done by that age. I didn’t deserve a party. Instead, I wallowed in self-pity. My friends hired venues and sent invites, seemingly happy with their status/achievements/success.

Get over it.

Don’t hang about waiting for perfection. Make it as good as you can and get it out there.

3 Responses

  1. Good blog. I think the best thing is to just crack on and keep writing. To remember the spark that got your passion going. Then keep the flame burning even if others seek to put it out.

    There are many levels of ‘being published’. If you want an audience it’s possible to reach it online, as well as through a more traditional publishing route.

    Always best to have something to say that’s worth saying. If it is, then your audience will build and come to you.

    1. Thanks Alan. I think this article was really a “note-to-self”. Just a reminder that when I have an idea, rather than working it all through in my mind, realising that it could become something great if only I focussed on it for days/weeks on end, it would be serve me better to at least have part of it published on the blog than have only a concept in my brain. At least then I’ll have a start made and can revisit if/when the time comes. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Cheers. Sam.