Face your fears

Open yourself to the prospect

of being swept away,

fizzing with fear…..


Hoorin aroon Skye the ither nicht…

Patience and the foaming surf

As the water abates on the ebb a momentary hollow is filled within seconds by a powerful, Atlantic flow. Effervescent spray hangs in the air and slaps down on the rocks with the sound of but a seconds rapturous applause. Perched alone on the third tier of a tilted, metamorphic gallery I am the sole […]

Always an excuse

Getting started with writing. Overcoming those barriers I invent which only serve to make me a grumpy bastard.

Perfect or published?

Can you afford the time that perfection requires? Will you ever be completely satisfied that your thing is 100% perfect and couldn’t possible be any better? If so, you might as well piss off now, because your kidding yourself. We should all strive for perfection. But don’t be a slave to it. You’ll burn yourself […]