Stepdad seeks a mate

Tam, 38 – Ayrshire, Scotland

About Tam: Male, slightly ginger, average looks, creative type. Happily married with two adorable step-children.

Income: Just getting by.

Hobbies: Hillwalking, crafts, not raping.

Seeks: Compassionate, left-leaning, female (with at least one unused component of allotted offspring) for five minutes of perfunctory, consensual, reproductive shenanigans followed by 18+ years of enlightened, shared parenting.

Would also consider: Withdrawal of Tory Family Cap, withdrawal of Tories (and other leading fascist groups), or an independent Scotland.




The above is an imagined scenario, to make a point.

But it’s not far from my own truth and it really is not a laughing matter.

As it stands at the moment, the only way Tam could access vital, financial assistance to help feed his first-born child (the wife’s third) is to prove that the wean was conceived as a product of rape.

I can’t think of a more abhorrent policy.

Who’s behind this two-child policy? Tories. And a female Prime Minister to boot.

Theresa May and her Conservative & Unionist Party seem to be trying to “breed out” the poor while helping the fantastically wealthy shave squillions off their tax bill. Child Tax Credits are vital to help us feed the weans, but god forbid we have more than two.

Better Together? Helping out hard working families? Even those just getting by?

What about our jovial Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson? Surely she won’t back this poisonous policy?

Well actually, turns out she’s every bit as toxic as Theresa and the rest of the Tory Party.

Davidson suggests the Scottish Government should get on and dig up the cash to mitigate the poorly conceived and frankly heinous Family Cap. Like that’s all the Scottish Government is there for. To defend us from outrageous Westminster policies. Well she has a point. And that point is, in an independent Scotland we could do better.

I genuinely fear for the state of this country.



Learn more about the campaign to parliament to scrap the family cap and the disgusting rape clause.

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