It feels like the start of something. 

I’m about to start writing. About what I do not know. This new pencil, sharpened for the first time, shall be my tool. Perhaps it will become a weapon with which I will slay my inner demons, vanquish an evil tyrant or topple an empire. 

Maybe I’ll just end up writing flowery poems about mountains. 

To begin with, it WILL (mostly) be shit. But that’s ok. I’ll learn. 

Blank paper with sharp pencil. About to begin writing.

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  1. Sam – I think you write with a very refreshing voice (I’ve told you that before and perhaps you listened, or perhaps you just realised that you’re pretty good at it, (nowt wrong with self-belief) because here you are with your new venture.

    You are obviously a political bunny too, which is good. Hope you put the two elements together. I think you will write something special. Perhaps you’re right in thinking that the first effort won’t be brilliant, but success is as much about dynamic as brilliance. And even more than dynamic, it’s about having something honest and interesting to say.

    My curiosity is piqued by the girl guides …

    Anyway, keep in touch.

    Jayne, at The Watermill

    1. Jayne – As ever, your words of encouragement serve to inspire and foster self-belief. I always listen to you, for you are wise.

      Like an owl, perched atop a wheel which spins no more, you are blessed with a natural abundance of vision and wisdom.

      Your uncanny ability to see that which others cannot.

      Under your watch still waters begin to flow. Sluice gates, for a time rusted and seized, are loosened by your knowledge and counsel.

      A steady stream runs true, and thanks to your direction, the wheel shall turn once again.

      Thank you.


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